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We're about to give you some deadly firepower that you can take and profit with by leveraging the power of this "one of a kind twist" on offline consulting and web design!

Offline & Affiliate Marketing principles come together to form a DEADLY weapon that will have your competitors running for cover!

What is Offline Affiliate Army?

We all know the amount of profit there is up for grabs right now by creating websites for local business owners...lot's of people are quitting there day jobs and entering this lucrative niche of offline web design...

It doesn't matter if you are a newbie who hasn't earned a dime or if you are a seasoned veteran with hundreds of happy clients, we are going to show you how to ELIMINATE all of these obstacles and put you on the path to success.

It's time to think like a CEO and prepare to launch your own web design empire that is EASILY capable of $100,000 + /yr!!

Your are about to witness powerful tactics that will teach you how to build a very profitable web design business which brings in clients on auto-pilot and churns out websites for your clients with out much input from you!

You can put the Offline Affiliate Army Secrets
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WHAT? ONLY $47!!


"Thank you for an incredible, eye-opening product..."


I am going through this as you suggested and am only about half way through it but this is an incredible idea, very detailed and laid out so that even I can understand it.

OK ... I cheated and went to catch some of the OUTSOURCING video which is what I have been looking for for quite a while. Once I knew what was in store for me when I got to it I went back to following your suggested method of doing this STEP-BY-STEP.

I love how you included the videos just at the right spot within the pdf. GREAT JOB!

It doesn't get any easier than this. have certainly outdone yourselves with this and OVER-DELIVERED in your usual style.

Thank you for an incredible, eye-opening product that takes offline marketing to a whole NEW level for those willing to implement this.

The BONUSES alone are worth more than the entire package. What a deal!

OK ... I'd pour out more blessings and thanks but I have to get back to reading, watching videos and implementing what I am learning. (It is actually OK to take ACTION isn't it? LOL)

Thanks again!


" of the best..."

I have not finished the entire course yet, and to be honest I rarely leave reviews (no good no bad) but I had to stop the course half way through to say that this is one of the best [products] I have ever bought.

It's one in which I got some great ideas I can actually use straight away and not only ideas that sounds good and get you pumped up, but in reality it does not really work.

I just recently started my offline biz myself with some great twist and it sells well...but with only half way through this course I got already some NO BRAINER idea which I will be focusing this week to implement instead of looking for reps, which I planned to focus next....

....Anyway, I highly recommend this course, especially to those already in offline biz...and now I am sorry...but I want to watch the rest of movie #3 now and I hope I still get some more of those moments I hear me saying “how comes I did not think about it myself".... great job so far, well done both of you!


"thanks for the 'breakthrough'
mind shift"

Hi guys

I was luckily in with the first few sales - bargain!! What I like about this course is the 'mindset', I am currently doing offline local search marketing (it's really easy and fun!) but this is an awesome way to generate more warm customers.

Not sure if the UK market is different to the US but will let you know my progress with my Affiliate Army building.

Once again guys thanks for the 'breakthrough' mind shift,  happy days


WHAT? ONLY $47!!


Here's to YOUR major success,

PS: What are you waiting for? Did you see that low price tag? You are about to be handed the key to learn how to build an AUTOMATED offline web design business that is very capable of six figures per year EASILY!

The very small investment for this course will mean nothing to you once you've setup and implemented the Offline Affiliate Army automated profit pulling system. When the money starts rolling in, you'll think back to this day and be thankful that you purchased this system and followed it to build your business.

PPS: Or will you look back to this day with regret and wish you spent the measly price we are asking for this course because you realize it could have paid for itself many many times over again! 

What are you waiting for? Let's get this thing started!

Don't waste one more second!


WHAT? ONLY $47!!


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